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I live in Canada. I work with my awsome down to earth kids in ChildCare Centre. I have different nationality. .Half Scotish And Finish love to travel, and visit my cousins over seas. It's nice to know who they are? . I have some great pen pals and friends. Modeling at Simple The Best is Amazing to learn how to become sl model? It's a great opportunity to get sponsord and take part in the CWS University Of Modeling. The Trainers are excellent teachers helping students achive there goals.Well it is 20012 now and I have really enjoy my time at CWS Classic Style Event. Its fun and would love to make my goel to go into a video or pagent this year, and work my way up try my best and enjoy fashion style.I also work part time as a Hostess at Dolce Vista my friend come have a blast and dance I will give you a tp. Am learning every day new and exciting adventure to come my way.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flirt Theme'

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